C900  Polyester Chemical Anchor
C900  Polyester Chemical Anchor

C900 Polyester Chemical Anchor

Akfix C900 is polyester injection mortar for general purpose for solid and hollow supports having a short cure time. It is suitable for use in concrete, perforated bricks and cavity blocks in a wide range of applications.


  • Suitable for solid and hollow structures.
  • High solid content.
  • Easy to extrude and to inject.
  • Thixotropic, can be applied in vertical and horizontal direction.
  • Fast curing.
Applications Area
  • Low to Medium-load applications in solid and hollow supports
  • Fixing of;

             Roller blinds
             Cable trays etc

CA035C900Polyester345 ml.12--
CA030C900Polyester300 ml.12--

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